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We specialize in providing custom solutions for small and large businesses focused on maintaining and enhancing industrial conveyor applications while providing excellent customer service. We offer food grade (FDA and USDA) scraper blades in UHMW/TPU/PVC materials, metal-detectable belting and plastics to assist with risk mitigation, custom plastic welding and fabrication services, on-the-spot/do-it-yourself welding solutions, heat presses, splice rails, welding kits, round belts, T-belts, V-belts, custom/special profiles, timing belts, positive drive belts, machine belts, modular plastic belts, reinforced belts, thermoplastic lacing, suction cups, depanner cups, depanner belt retainers, PTFE tapes, flat belts and tools, vacuum pull down belts, heat wands, and welding tips, Polyurethane belts, and sleeves, as well as other custom solutions for your conveying or material handling needs. In addition, we are a verified distributor for several of the largest retailers in the industry like Volta, Habasit, Forbo, and more.

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We provide you with easy access to the tools, parts, and products needed to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. We want to make sure people are choosing to do business with us, not only because we offer a quality product, but because they genuinely like doing business with us. Our mission is to save your time and energy. We look forward to working together!

C.M. Products was created in 1984 by Ted and Cheryl Anderson. The vision was to create a company, heavily focused on customer service, to provide solutions to small and large businesses in the belting industry. Many of our tools and products exist today because of the absence of adequate devices for specific tasks identified, developed, and refined over 30+ years in the conveyor belting industry.

In 2016, JoyLynn (Anderson) Waganer purchased the company and continues the family legacy, leading the business to new levels. The small-business family feel, global reach with excellent customer service, ability to adapt to the ever-changing industry, and willingness to create custom solutions are a few things that set our company apart.

C.M. Products continues to grow and evolve, keeping in line with the changing economic climate. We always welcome new partners and opportunities to serve our existing customers.

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